Biostratinomy is the study of the process that takes place after an organism dies, but before it's final burial. Biostratinomy includes physical, chemical and biological damage that occurs in a stage called Pre-Burial.

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Biostratinomy, necrology and diagenesis are considered as part of taphonomy. These three process are largely destructive which includes physical, chemical and biological effects. Necrology is the study of the dead organisms and diagenesis is the changes after the final burial. The physical effects are the transport, the exhumation and the breakage while the chemical effect is the early changes in oxidation and mineralogy. The biological effects will be the decay, the bioturbation and the scavenging.
The biostratinomy destruction is often used in the majority of the living organisms. This process is often dominated by sedimentological factors, this made the analysis of the biostratinomy fossils really important as it can reveal the features of the physical environment that the organism once live in.