Your wiki page will be co-authored with a student in a different Y11 science class. You will not meet F2F with this student.
The philosophy of this exercise can be found using this link.
You will use the discussion board provided with the page to negotiate the contents and layout of your page and it is this discussion board, together with your wiki page, which will be used to assess your performance.
You will be assessed using IBMYP Criterion B, Communication in Science and IBMYP Criterion F, Attitudes in Science.
Please keep to the timelines set.

Your wiki page should be
  • informative, accurate and use in-text referencing
  • use pictures and any embedded media that is avaliable for you
  • show all the important information on opening the page without the need to scroll. Less important information can be placed further down the page.
  • have at least one link to other wiki pages shown in the navigation bar - you must check this works!
  • have a link to a bibliography page which you will create. It must be called * bibliography from the name of your wiki page, to distingush it from other wiki page bibliographies.
  • use correct APA referencing. You may NOT use other forms of referencing for this wiki as we need to be consistent throughout the wiki. Information on APA formatting can be found at the Secondary Library link on mycis.
  • show adequate scientific communication with your co-author as shown on the discussion board
Please read the page on plagarism before you begin.

Your wiki page may be
  • linked to other pages which you may create (other than the bibliography page)

This is a public site.
Do NOT post any details which may allow you to be identified or contacted.
Do NOT post any details which may allow your friends, teachers or the school to be identified or contacted.
Remember, anything you write may be read by anyone else around the globe.

Please do NOT
  • alter pages other than your own. If you want to help another group, do so using their discussion board. (for e.g. if you find a reference that they may find useful)
  • change the style and format of the wiki.
Thank you. We hope you find this an interesting and enjoyable interdisciplinary activity!