Josiah Wedgewood

Josiah Wedgwood (1730 – 95) made a fortune from pottery making in Staffordshire. His daughter married Robert Darwin and became the mother of Charles. Mrs. Darwin was proud of her family and told her son how Josiah had met Queen Charlotte, wife of George III. The queen had admired his cream-colored dinner services. Charles added to this story, telling school friends that his grandfather had been a close friend of the Queen.

Erasmus Darwin

Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), grandfather of Chales, was a respected scientist and writer. He was invited to become physician to King George III but instead in 1784 he went to Staffordshre as a country doctor. He became wealthy, and so fat that a hole had to be cut in his dining table to accommodate his stomach. He was a great friend of Charle's other grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood.

Emma Wedgwood

Charles was found of his cousin Emma, who was nicknamed 'Miss SlipSlop' beacuse of her untidness. She was intelligent and lively, enjoying outdoor prsuits such as archery and skating. She also loved music and Charles was pleased to hear her play the piano, although he was tone-deaf and faled to recognise even the National Anthem when played at the wrong speed. Emma latr hd music lessons from the famous Polish composer Chopin. After Emma and Charles were married, she translated books and letters for her husband. Emma spoke three languages; Charles knew only English