The End Triassic Extinction

  • When did the mass extinctions occur?

around 199 million to 214 million years ago

  • Why did they occur?

Cause unknown, however scientists now are awaiting confirmation meteoric activity during this extinction. There was also mass volcanic activity however, scientists now do not know how big the volcanic activity impacted the extinction.

  • What was the evolutionary significance of each?

Around 70 terrestrial families and 60 marine families were extinct after the extinction. About 22% of marine familes disappeared. The percentage of vertebrae extinction is currently unknown.

Which organisms that remain today survived a mass extinction? Which one? Why? Have they evolved any further?

Phylloceratid Ammonoids were one fo the organisms that survived the extinction. The ammonoids with straight or curled shells where said to give the most protection and support. The Phylloceratid Ammonoids later evolved into many different forms throughout the Cretacious Period.